Autumn in Springdale: The Ideal Time to Stay

Autumn in Springdale: The Ideal Time to Stay

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Springdale and Zion National Park this year and for whatever reason haven’t gone forward with it, don’t feel like you’ve missed your window just because the summer is over. In fact, according to many, we have recently stepped into the optimal Zion-visiting season. Fall! Spring and summer certainly have their perks. The huge influx of visitors during those seasons attest to that. However, the fall has perks of its own that might just render it your new favorite time of year to visit Springdale. There are many people who’ve discovered this fact and visit Springdale during the fall on a regular basis. Here’s why.

The perfect weather

Imagine hiking Zion National Park minus the scorching heat. Welcome to Zion in the fall. A bit nippy in the morning but absolutely perfect weather during the day. Times of optimal weather is naturally the best time to go hiking in general, and that seems to be magnified where Zion National Park is concerned. Explore Zion without worrying about being quickly exhausted by the glaring summer sun, without worrying about packing loads of water with you when you hit the trails, and without being concerned about getting your skin seared with sunburns. Southern Utah is known for its year-round great weather. Come utilize when it’s at its best.

Lots of vacancies

Because the masses haven’t yet figured out how incredible Zion National Park is during the fall and still visit Springdale mainly during the spring and summer, those of us who’ve figured it out – at least for the time being – don’t have to worry about hotels being fully booked, or restaurants having long wait times, or having to stand in long lines to board a shuttle. You can walk the streets of Springdale in relative solitude. There will definitely be people there, but nowhere near as many people as you would see around town during peak months.

Incredible colors

Zion is already stunningly beautiful, but during the fall, it’s elevated to an even higher level. The multicolored cliffs of Zion are suddenly joined and accentuated by multicolored trees and plants all around. Photographers love coming to visit Springdale and Zion Canyon in the fall because it’s crazy beautiful. Everywhere you look, from your Springdale hotel room balcony, from your car window, and on foot strolling or hiking anywhere in the area, you are guaranteed to see something amazing.

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Autumn in Springdale: The Ideal Time to Stay

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