Vacation Planning: 5 Tips To Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Trip

Vacation Planning: 5 Tips To Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Trip


Isn’t the whole point of going on a vacation to get away from it all and in large part relax? Not that you’re going to sit around and do nothing but sleep and watch tv in your hotel room the whole time, but doesn’t it defeat the point of actually going on a vacation if every hour of every day is scheduled out with something physically active? And a full itinerary is just one vacation planning mistake that people make. Here are 5 tips to remember when planning your next vacation to Zion National Park:

Release the pressure

Whatever you do, do not overdo it. Don’t worry so much about planning and executing the perfect vacation that the whole thing becomes stressful for you and everyone involved. When things get over-planned and too meticulous, the evening that was supposed to fun turns out to be the total opposite because you’re spending all your time making sure that things going according to plan rather than actually have a good time. Too much pressure always makes something explode. Don’t explode your vacation by stressing too much. In order to make memories, you need to be in the moment as much as possible. This is an important vacation planning tip.

Itineraries need to be flexible

Just because there are a few hours during a day where nothing is planned doesn’t mean you need to fill it with something in particular. Often the unplanned events and activities end up being the most memorable, not to mention the fact that they allow you and your party to actually unwind and have time to themselves which is just as important, if not more, than all the vacation planning activities you have scheduled. You also don’t want a hiccup, such as a flight delay or canceled tour to ruin everything to the point of collapse. Don’t overbook your days. In fact, leave at least one whole day wide open. Your group will thank you.

Trips need goals

This is especially important if you have a big group of people going on a trip with you all of whom have different vacation planning expectations and past experiences when it comes to vacationing. You may want to relax for a whole day at a time whereas someone else in your group wouldn’t even dream of doing that, citing it as a waste of their time and money. The best plan of action is to get everyone together in person or in an email thread and hash out what everyone is expecting from this particular vacation. This is vital because it will help you avoid any awkward or hurt feelings while on the trip. Is the goal going to be romance and relaxation, or adventures and thrills, for example? If you can get this all laid out and understood by everyone involved, the vacation as a whole will go so much smoother.


Expert vacation planning always includes getting to know your destination as much as possible beforehand. Knowing the ins and outs of dining options, cab fares, public transportation, credit card requirements, and anything else pertinent to your travel plans will make everything so much easier. You won’t be scrambling around for information on Day 1.

Light packing

This is very difficult for some people, but you’ve got to force yourself to pack as little as possible. It will make the trip so much more enjoyable for you. Not to mention the additional fees associated with multiple bags at the airport, but the extra time spent checking in to the hotel and generally lugging your excess weight around takes a lot of time and energy. Try and fit everything into one carry on. You can do it! Don’t bring all those just-in-case items. Leave them at home.

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Vacation Planning: 5 Tips To Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Trip

Vacation Planning

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