Top 5 Things to do at the Cliffrose Lodge

Top 5 Things to do at the Cliffrose Lodge

The Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is one of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping hotels you will ever have the privilege of visiting. Set in the heart of Springdale, UT, where Zion National Park calls home, it is simply spectacular. Most tourists staying in Springdale are doing so for the sole purpose of visiting Zion National Park. However, your vacation activities may require a down day or two, a day where you and your party can just relax with no real plans and just enjoy the town and the hotel. There isn’t a better place you could stay that would accomplish the perfect down day better than the Cliffrose. There are so many things to do there that you wouldn’t even need to leave the hotel at all to have an amazing vacation experience. Here are the top 5 things to do at the Cliffrose Lodge.

Relax and enjoy the pools and hot tubs

The Cliffrose’s main pool area is always clean, always fun, and always beautiful. Plenty of poolside seating – covered and uncovered – as well as a convenient restroom and shower. The hot tub is enormous – much bigger than the average hotel hot tub – and is kept hot year-round. The pool ground’s aesthetic follows a similar theme to the natural one that surrounds the Lodge and includes a custom waterfall and viewing pond. On top of all this, the Cliffrose has recently constructed a new and large secondary hot tub area on the opposite end of the property. Definitely, the best hot tubs available of any Zion National Park hotel are found here.

Sit on your patio or balcony and enjoy the views

No matter what room you stay in, the view from your balcony (or rear porch sitting area) is guaranteed to be amazing. When you first arrive, check in, and get your key and you’re walking the grounds to your room, take a look around you and see if you can spot other guests just looking out from their balconies. I would bet you’ll see multiple. The natural cliff faces that encompass the Cliffrose are almost too incredible to imagine. You won’t believe that you are where you are and seeing what you’re seeing. One of the many perks of staying at a Zion National Park hotel.

Sit by one of the fire pits at night

The gardens and grounds of the Cliffrose Lodge are two of the (if not the most) defining characteristics of the establishment, and on these grounds, you’ll find multiple fire pits with seating arrangements. There is some beachside, some poolside, and others scattered throughout the vast lawns and shore. Bring some marshmallows, hot dogs, and some wood and enjoy a memorable fireside evening with your friends and family.

Relax on the riverside beach

The Virgin River flows right through the grounds of the Cliffrose, adding not only more natural wonder to the property but also more potential activities. Watch your kids build sand castles on the beach, send sticks down the river, and step their feet into the clear water. Or, as mentioned above, build a fire in one of the fire pits on the beach and hang out by firelight. There are also numerous grills that guests are free to use, many of which are riverside. I bet you didn’t think you’d be sitting beachside at your Zion National Park hotel.

Utilize the large lawn areas for games or exercise

Don’t forget to bring your ultimate frisbees, footballs, croquet sets, and bocce ball sets to the Cliffrose because there is plenty of manicured lawn space for you and your party to engage in any number of outdoor games and activities. Or bring your yoga mats for outdoor exercise, blankets for a picnic, or anything else you prefer. The Cliffrose lawns are yours to use.


Vacation Activities

Vacation Activities

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