Why A Trip To Zion Should Be On Your Bucket List

Why A Trip To Zion Should Be On Your Bucket List

It’s entertaining to see the menagerie of goals on people’s bucket lists.  Visit a monastery, kiss Julia Roberts, ride a stallion, swim the English Channel, sail to Bermuda, forgive your dad, eat escargot, visit the Eiffel Tower, attend a Super Bowl, hunt bear in Alaska, or clean the basement.  Well, how about a trip to Zion? No, Zion is not a monastery, but it is a bit of heaven. It’s the third most visited national park in America and stands in the majestic beauty of Southern Utah.  A trip to Zion should be on your bucket list, and here are five reasons why.

Follow The Money Trail

First, about four million tourists see Zion every year, so they must know something you don’t.

Catch The Breathtaking Vistas

Second, the scenery on a trip to Zion is so rare that people from all parts of the globe flock to see its beauty.  Gorgeous vistas, hiking trails of mild to moderate to strenuous intensity, other-worldly rock formations of reddish sandstone set against the bluest sky anywhere, hot and cold weather for challenge and leisure, death-defying ridges to cling to, ubiquitous wildlife, and colorful flora all are welcoming.

Indulge Yourself in Springdale

Third, your trip to Zion will likely take you to the charming town of Springdale, Utah, where quaint mingles with sophisticated.  Most of the hotels in Springdale are one-of-a-kinds and will caress you with rustic and comfortable elegance and inspire you with spectacular views.  Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is a vacationer’s favorite and earns 3.5 stars by US News and World Report’s Travel Division.

Also in Springdale are excellent, delicious restaurants.  Choose between American, Mexican, Italian, bistro, gourmet coffee, or Chinese.  The recipes are both local traditional and imported by out-of-state chefs.

The gift shops in Springdale will make your trip to Zion more memorable.  One shop specializes in stunning photography of Southern Utah, and any piece would beautify a wall in your home.  Other shops include glassware, metal, clay, and wood sculptures, arts and crafts by the local Navajo Indians, unique pieces from amazing artists, and about anything you can imagine.  Imported or locally honed, Springdale’s gift shops have something special for everyone.

Other National Parks

Fourth, you can visit other national parks within two hours’ drive.  See the incredible hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos are statues of orange sandstone, sculpted over centuries by wind and water.  They stand guard of Bryce’s beautiful canyons and valleys. Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Sand Hollow reservoir and sand dunes, and Saint George, Utah are also nearby.

Play at The Ponderosa

Fifth, visit the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort if you want a trip to Zion with more thrills.  The Ponderosa offers magnificent scenery and exhilarating activities, such as horse-back riding, paint-balling, shotgun shooting, zip-lining, swimming, Jeep touring, backpacking, and sleeping in cowboy cabins.  Zion Ponderosa is rated among the six best ranch resorts in North America.

Why A Trip To Zion Should Be On Your Bucket List

Why A Trip To Zion Should Be On Your Bucket List

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