Why Tent Camping Near Zion is Not As Good As Staying At The Cliffrose

Why Tent Camping Near Zion is Not As Good As Staying At The Cliffrose

Admittedly, this article’s title was written with tongue firmly pressed in cheek, but there is some truth to it.  While there are several options for camping near Zion, and most will accomplish what you want; for most folks, none is as rewarding as staying in a classy hotel just a stone’s throw from the park’s main entrance.

Tent Camping Near Zion, Bad

To honor the title, this article will present some reasons why tent camping is likely not the best option for camping near Zion.  For one, tents expose you to the unsettling hazards of inclement weather, such as wind, rain, and snow storms. For two, tents are vulnerable to the whims of wildlife.  The canyons and mountains of Zion are replete with predatory and scavenging critters, large and small. Some animals would not hesitate to raid your food coolers or drag a toddler away like a Dingo with a dolly.

For three, sleeping in tents reduces the chances of getting a solid and sound night’s sleep, which you’ll need to explore the wonders of Zion National Park come daybreak.  For four, tent camping prevents you from enjoying the savory indulgences of a hotel pool, hot tub, and caressing comforts of a beautifully-furnished room. For five, when a family member is tired, sick, or otherwise unable to join the party for hiking today, you hesitate to leave them behind, alone in a tent.

Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens, Good

On the other hand, a stay at a classy hotel like Cliffrose affords you amenities that are bound to make your vacation a sublime experience, relaxing, rejuvenating, and safe.  Secure in your room, you are not fazed by inclement weather. You are protected from any wildlife, even from the guy in the lobby who drank too much and is singing “Bad to the Bone” over and over.

You easily adjust the room’s temperature to a little cooler for a perfect night’s sleep.  The mattress, pillow, and bedding are ahh, well, I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.  You have no worries with leaving somebody in the room while you and the others venture out to the park for the day.  In the evening, you hit the outdoor pool and hot tub, which melt away any sore muscles and sweat from the day’s hiking. You cook steaks on the grills outside by side of the Virgin River.  The sound of the river is soothing and therapeutic. You go inside and enjoy the colors and crafts of a southwestern motif. The rustic beauty and art décor of the hotel is nostalgic and mesmerizing.  “Now this type of camping near Zion is the way to do it!” you say to yourself.

RV Campgrounds

RV campgrounds are a possibility for camping near Zion, if you don’t mind the questionable options for water and disposing of sewage.  Also, for what you pay for space and electricity, you realize that a classy hotel provides a bevy of more amenities for not a lot more cost.


Why Tent Camping Near Zion is Not As Good As Staying At The Cliffrose

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