Babyproofing Your Hotel Room

Babyproofing Your Hotel Room

When staying at a Zion Canyon lodge with toddlers and/or babies, it can be a bit stressful. Trying to keep your baby from crawling around the hotel room and not destroying things or getting hurt can be a time-consuming endeavor. Well, you have probably baby-proofed your own home at some point in your life, yes? You can actually baby-proof your hotel room in similar ways to allow yourself some added time to focus on the vacation itself and less time trying to prevent your babies from injuring themselves. Some of our suggestions require supplies, just FYI.

Tip 1

In anticipation of arriving at your Zion Canyon lodge, call beforehand and ask a representative for a travel crib (pack n’ play) to be brought to your room. Depending on the Zion Canyon lodge there may or may not be a small fee associated with this request, and of course, the amount travel cribs they have on hand will be subject to availability. But getting one of these in your hotel room will act as a playpen for your child while you’re getting ready in the morning and during other necessary times, in addition to of course as a bed for your child for naps and bedtime.

Tip 2

Bringing a baby gate from home or purchasing one in your destination city before arriving at your Zion Canyon lodge will relieve a lot of stress during your stay if your room has stairs or a balcony.

Tip 3

One of the most hazardous things to a baby in a Zion Canyon lodge hotel room can be the drapery cords. Get some low tack painter’s tape and use it to pin up those cords. Do the same thing to other cords coming out of the various electronic devices in the room such as alarm clocks, TVs, and lamps.

Tip 4

Bring some of those plastic covers that protect children from inserting objects into electrical outlets.

Tip 5

Put cut sections of pool noodles over sharp corners of furniture inside the room of your Zion Canyon lodge, or simply take some hand towels or face cloths and wrap and tape (with the previously mentioned painter’s tape) them around sharp corners.

Tip 6

Give a little jiggle to furniture where heavy objects sit. If the TV is resting on something that isn’t secure enough to withstand a bump or tug, do a little rearranging.

Tip 7

Make sure that loose items provided by your Zion Canyon lodge are outside the reach of your little ones; items such as pens, tea bags, coffee pods, coffee cups, toiletries, and bath products.

Tip 8

All cords that could potentially be pulled and cause something to fall or topple over need to be out of reach to children. Do a bit of rearranging or use painter’s tape or something else effective to get those cords out of reach.

Tip 9

Keep the garbage cans off the ground and place them on an elevated surface like on a desk.

Tip 10

Always close the bathroom door.

Tip 11

Mini fridges are found in the rooms of almost every Zion Canyon lodge. Babies can pinch their fingers in these refrigerator doors and as well as raid them, causing a mess as well as potentially adding some unwanted charges as some hotels immediately charge your room when bottles of wine and cans of soda are removed from the fridge. Keep your mini fridge secured by using tape or by any other preferred method. Consider doing this for drawers and cabinets as well.

Tip 12

Depending on the type of heat source or external radiator that your hotel may include in your room, sometimes these devices can be harmful to small children. You can place objects in front of them to act as a barrier, such as large suitcases.

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Babyproofing Your Hotel Room

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