Zion Canyon Becoming Well-Known For World-Class Food

Zion Canyon Becoming Well-Known For World-Class Food

When people hear the name Zion National Park, incredible food probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Towering red rock cliffs or staying in Zion lodge Utah is typically where most minds would go when thinking about this famous Southern Utah location. But what if we told you that the restaurant circuit in Zion Canyon is so fantastically good that it is actually making a name for itself among food enthusiasts? The truth is that this has been going on for some years and Springdale visitors are noticing and spreading the word.

Many of the chefs behind some of Zion’s best restaurants have impressive culinary lineage, including significant time spent on the Las Vegas Strip tutoring under big industry names like Thomas Keller (referencing Thomas King and Phu Nguyen of King’s Landing Bistro). The pull of this incredible location is difficult for anyone to resist, including professional chefs, as we’ve seen. And King’s Landing Bistro is only one of the dozens of dining establishments that defy expectations with their phenomenal food and service, many of which could just as easily thrive in larger, more populous cities known for their eateries like New York, LA, Austin, or San Francisco. Springdale, UT’s culinary offerings will surprise even the most scrupulous taster. When you’re staying at a Zion lodge Utah, make sure to try as many different restaurants as possible.

Here are a handful of places that consistently get rave reviews and shouts of praise from many of our guests.

Bit & Spur Restaurant and Saloon

This recently renovated Springdale staple has been serving up delicious southwest cuisine for over 35 years. The atmosphere is informal and very social. Live music is featured here on a scheduled basis. Sit in the isolated bar section and sip an original margarita while shooting pool or have a seat in the main dining area and order their famous homemade desserts, a chile-rubbed ribeye, or sweet potato tamales, to name just a few famous choices.

Zion Canyon Brew Pub

Try one of their seasonal drafts such as a North Rim Trail Hefeweizen or an Apricot Ale. Be seated in their dining area for a savory salad, steak, sandwich, or burger and order of the kid’s menu for the little ones. This place is right next to Zion’s entrance so you can’t miss it.

Zion Pizza Noodle & Co.

This pizza joint was originally an old church before being renovated and transformed into one of the top restaurants in Springdale. Many people refer to this as the best pizza in Zion. They have everything you can think of, including catering to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

Oscar’s Cafe

Offering a very social, laid back environment, this awesome place is known for their large portion sizes (among other things). If that sounds appealing to you, this is your place. They also serve all three meals year round. I know we keep saying this, but we really have heard many guests say this is their favorite place to eat in Zion Canyon. When you’re staying at a Zion lodge Utah, put this place on your itinerary for at least one meal.

Switchback Grille Steakhouse

This extremely popular Springdale restaurant will blow your mind in the steak and fish departments. All the cuts you like are available here and prepared to perfection. Their fresh seafood is flown in multiple times a week, including king crab legs, Ahi tuna, halibut, and much more. This is your place for seafood in Zion, that we can guarantee. An enormous wine selection can be found here as well. One quick comment about this place that is not food-related: the construction and aesthetic of this place are amazing. You’ll understand when you eat there.

Spotted Dog Cafe

Referring to themselves as a “casual American bistro”, the food here is incredible. Everything you eat here is made in-house including the sauces and virtually all of the ingredients. This is another great place to come to drink. Spirits, beer, and wine are here in abundance including local and world-class selections. This restaurant part of a large property that includes a Zion lodge Utah, a spa, and some other great things.

Zion Canyon Becoming Well-Known For World-Class Food

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