Cliffrose Lodge Amenities: 5 Unique Comforts Available to Guests

Cliffrose Lodge Amenities: 5 Unique Comforts Available to Guests

If a hotel doesn’t get the amenities right, it can ruin the guest’s experience and end up being the only thing they remember after staying there. The Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens in Springdale, UT doesn’t have this problem. In fact, it could be said that they have an overabundance of amenities, which is a good problem to have. Zion lodging never had it so good. These are five amenities found at the Cliffrose that we feel stand out above the rest.

Bistro H

Not every hotel has a restaurant on site, and certainly not like this. Bistro H is a lovely and intimate cafe that calls the Cliffrose Lodge it’s home. If you start experiencing hunger pangs but you aren’t in the mood to leave the hotel, the Cliffrose has got you covered. Bistro H serves delicious appetizer-style items as well as full entrees for both lunch and dinner. They also have a wide variety of beer, wine, and other spirits to choose from. It’s a prime place to gather with your group, with your significant other, or just by yourself for some alone time. The atmosphere and design really lend itself to all of those scenarios.

Manicured Gardens

If you know even a little bit about Zion lodging or the Cliffrose, or you’ve spoken to at least one person who’s stayed here, it’s more than likely that you have at least heard of the gardens. Far and away the most famous aspect of the hotel, the gardens just have to be experienced because a passing explanation by someone who’s been here is great, don’t get me wrong, but it never measures up to the real thing. I guess that could generally be said about basically everything, but it certainly applies here. The staff at the Cliffrose expend an obscene amount of hours working to make sure you remember the gardens.

Two Hot Tubs

And two pools! The Cliffrose is fortunate enough to have two pools and two hot tubs. The two hot tubes are both very large, much larger – most likely – than the hot tub at the last hotel you stayed at. A lot of people can fit in both Cliffrose hot tubs comfortably. The main pool area has a gorgeous hot tub with a waterfall and the alternate pool area located on the opposite side of the premises includes a smaller traditional pool and a second large hot tub. Oh yeah.

Riverside Beach

Bet you didn’t think that we’d be talking about beaches and Zion National Park hotels in the same article. Well, we are. The Cliffrose has a neighbor called the Virgin River and they share backyards. The riverside beaches that follow the water are surprisingly large and provide for a great time. Barbecue your dinner on one of the many grills in the sand, roast mallows, and let the kids build sand castles. #winningatvacations

Children’s Play Areas

Playground equipment, sand boxes, and other similar items are scattered throughout the grounds providing a fun play environment for the children. Couple these with the lush grass fields where you can play ultimate frisbee, croquet, etc, and you’ve got yourself a killer backyard park essentially included in your hotel fare. Go with your kids from a play area to the pool and they should be happy as can be.


The next time you’re deciding on which Zion lodging option to choose in Springdale, UT, book the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens and experience all of these awesome amenities for yourself, along with all of the other amenities not mentioned here. Your family will thank you and you will thank you.

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Cliffrose Lodge Amenities: 5 Unique Comforts Available to Guests

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