5 Ways To Enjoy The Cliffrose

5 Ways To Enjoy The Cliffrose

When staying at really any hotel in Springdale, UT, you are pretty much guaranteed to be astounded at the surroundings your hotel just happens to be sitting right in the middle of. The majesty of Zion National Park will be all around you in its spectacular glory. After you go hiking and adventuring through the Park, it’s likely that you’ll need at least one day, maybe more than one, to simply relax and hang out at the hotel, or at least not have anything in particular planned so that you can unwind and take in quietly the beauty of Zion National Park and Springdale, UT. Perhaps of all the hotels and lodging options available in the area, the best one to choose as far as the number of amenities and activities to do without leaving the hotel is the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. One of the closest hotels to the entrance to the Park, the Cliffrose is unique and incredibly special. There is so much to do there, so much to look at, that you really could just spend your entire vacation there without ever leaving the grounds and be completely satisfied. Here are 5 things that you can always do at the Cliffrose right there on the property.

Relax and enjoy the pools and hot tubs

The Cliffrose has three options for swimming: the main pool, the main hot tub, and the second hot tub. Not many hotels have two hot tubs, but this one does; one of the many things that make the Cliffrose so unique. The main pool area and hot tub are located in the center of the property. The second hot tub is located on the far east side of the property. Both hot tubs are gigantic; much bigger than what you could call standard hot tub size. Oversized hot tubs equal oversized fun and oversized memories. Go lounge out at either swimming area and you will have a hard time leaving. The hot tubs are kept hot all year round, by the way.

Sit on your patio or balcony and enjoy the views

One of the main reasons people visit Springdale is because of the scenery, and the Cliffrose knows this. That’s why they’ve constructed outdoor seating areas – either a balcony or a rear porch sitting area – on every single unit on the premises. Simply sitting out on the balcony with a drink or book is a genuine experience in and of itself. It’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself out there more than you initially thought you would.

Sit by one of the fire pits at night

There are several neatly constructed fire pits and grills scattered purposefully throughout the grounds. Perfect for smores, burgers, hot dogs, or whatever you prefer to cook over the fire, gather round one of these with your group and just hang out by the fire. The stunningly beautiful gardens that will be all around you will surely make choosing this activity a wise decision.

Relax on the riverside beach

Yes, there are beaches in Springdale. One of Southern Utah’s natural treasures is the Virgin River which flows directly through the property of the Cliffrose. Fire pits and grills dot the beach line, as well as multiple seating options for the whole family. Get wet in the river, play in the sand, and gaze at the red rock cliffs. What more could you ask for?

Utilize the large lawn areas for games or exercise

Huge expanses of lush green lawns allow for any number of outdoor games for adults and kids. Bring your various sporting equipment for a friendly game of badminton, frisbee, etc. Or have a picnic. Or simply have a romantic stroll through the gardens and lawns. The possibilities at the Cliffrose are endless.

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5 Ways To Enjoy The Cliffrose

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