5 Things to Remember When Planning Your Zion Vacation

5 Things to Remember When Planning Your Zion Vacation

Even though planning a Zion vacation is daunting and stressful at times, the end result is always worth it if done right. Zion National Park is one of the most popular national parks in America and if you have never been here then you will quickly see why when you get here. From the moment you get to Southern Utah, passing through cities such as St. George, Hurricane, La Verkin, and Springdale, the breathtaking natural beauty literally surrounds you on every side. It’s hard to describe the overwhelming beauty of the area in and around the Park. It’s an incredible place to visit on vacation. But before you start making arrangements, there are a handful of very important things to remember, some of which are specific to Zion National Park.

What You Need To Know

Item 1

Reserve your hotel room at least six months in advance. Reserve it even further in advance if you can. The hotels – especially in the summer months – fill up very fast, especially a few months before the summer begins. Now, you can avoid this issue altogether by planning your Zion vacation somewhere between November and February. By doing this you will avoid crowds, wait in line, and booked hotels. There will still be people there because there are people out there who’ve figured out this secret by ignoring false rumors that you can’t come to Zion in the winter or fall. Sure, it’s a bit colder, but it’s just as beautiful. But, returning to the original piece of advice, if you’re planning on coming in the summer, book your hotel as soon as possible.

Item 2

Don’t plan on driving your vehicle around very much. Zion requires the use of their shuttle system during the busy season. No personal vehicles are allowed in the majority of the Park. Don’t worry though. The folks at Zion National Park have the shuttle thing figured out. It’s very comfortable and very convenient. But your car will be spending most of its time at the hotel. Another great idea would be to rent a Slingshot at the Springdale Visitors Center. You won’t regret it!

Item 3

Practice waking up early because if you want to beat the crowds and not spend a good long time every morning finding parking, waiting in lines for breakfast, etc, you are going to want to get into the Park as early as you can. Some people aren’t morning people so this may be harder for some than others, but you’ll be grateful you got an early start when you start your Zion adventures each day while in Springdale.

Item 4

There are only three front-country campgrounds making for some pretty stiff competition and availability. If camping is something that you’re planning on doing as part of your Zion vacation, be informed as early as possible on what the campsite situation is during the dates you’re planning on coming.

Item 5

Plan your meals in advance, especially restaurant dinners. Many restaurants in Springdale take reservations days in advance. If possible and available, make dinner reservations to save time. Our last item has to do with preemptive planning…again. Obviously there’s a pattern here, but the fact of the matter is that making any reservation you can beforehand – as early as possible – will make your Zion vacation so much smoother and enjoyable because you won’t be worrying about what to do, when to do it, and how long it’s going to take.


Remember that amid all of your plans, make sure to plan a day where there are none. Having an itinerary-less day splashed into your Zion vacation is rejuvenating and highly enjoyable. Call the Cliffrose Lodge today for further information, recommendations, and tips to help you plan your Zion vacation.


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