Animal Sightings at the Cliffrose Lodge

Animal Sightings at the Cliffrose Lodge

Many first time visitors to Springdale and Zion National Park are pleasantly surprised by the wildlife diversity they see while they are here. While Zion is very much known to the world in terms of its visual beauty and adventure opportunities, sometimes the natural Zion wildlife gets overlooked in the mix. But once your here and you allow yourself to settle down momentarily, suddenly you realize all of the life that is around you, everything from common squirrels and raccoons to endless arrays of hummingbirds, hawks, falcons, and other birds. If you are an animal lover or find yourself fascinated by wildlife, Springdale and Zion National Park is great place for you to come. Here is a list of four great animals that you may not have known are representative of and native to Zion National Park.

Mule Deer

We can pretty much guarantee you that when you come to Zion, you will see many mule deer. They have no fear, especially in the early morning hours, of grazing on grass on hotel grounds and other places inside the city of Springdale. Inside the park they can also be spotted with regularity. They are very noble looking animals, and if you are lucky to spot one with a large amount of antler points, you’re in for a treat. Sightings of the mothers with their little ones following close behind is always a treasured moment for tourists.


Though you aren’t likely to see any Wile E. Coyotes around, you will see plenty of roadrunners. Because of the predominantly desert climate, roadrunners thrive. It would be very unlikely if you stayed here for more than one day without seeing at least one roadrunner, probably more. They dart across walkways and paved roads and can even be spotted in the dry weeds and brush found in the area. They are surprisingly good-looking birds and can often have very beautiful markings.

Great Blue Heron

Falcons and hawks often take the Zion National Park bird spotlight because they are so notoriously majestic, but don’t forget about the Great Blue Heron. The Virgin River flows through Springdale and Zion and creates a natural and pleasant environment that the Great Blue Heron loves. They move very slowly; even the flapping of their wings appears slower than what you would expect from a bird. And then suddenly they strike with lightning speed into the water, catching fish for their meal. Their blue-gray colors are very pretty and they have a variety of different feather styles making them extremely fun to look at.

American Beaver

Beavers in Zion are unique in the sense that they tend not to build dams. This is because of the consistent flooding that takes place in the Virgin River about 10 to 15 times per year. The beavers know that any work they put into building a dam will be for naught once the inevitable flooding takes place, so instead, they build their homes on the banks of rivers to avoid constant destruction. Admittedly, seeing a beaver is rare so if you are lucky enough to spot one, you’ve just been given a rare treat.


When planning a vacation to Zion National Park, make sure you save plenty of memory space on your camera for pictures of animals because you will most definitely see a lot of them. There are also foxes, skunks, owls, and the occasional mountain lion, among others, that are among the possible animal sightings here. Don’t forget to take moments to just look out from your hotel room balcony and discover what Zion wildlife you can see from there.

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Animal Sightings at the Cliffrose Lodge

Zion Wildlife

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